Smart Solutions for Tomorrow's Schools

Find out why I'm running with this 2 minute video.


My name is Casey Ayers and I'm running for your Duval County School Board.

I’ve learned firsthand how to prepare for opportunities in the new economy, and want to ensure our students gain the skills to succeed, whether that means being prepared to enter a valuable vocational field, offer highly sought-after technical skills to businesses, start a venture of their own, or be better equipped to continue their education.


The Issues

Jun 20, 2018

Certified to Succeed

The Story: We've all heard that a high school diploma alone is no longer sufficient for most students to maximize their career earning potential. According to the Social Security Administration, men with bachelor's degrees earn roughly $900,000...

Jun 20, 2018

Prepare Students for the New Economy

The Story: It used to be called Home Ec. For many students, it was an important opportunity to learn the basics of daily life as an adult: how to balance a checkbook, manage a budget, conduct themselves in social situations,...

Jun 20, 2018

Our Community, Our Schools

The Story: Those of us fortunate enough to graduate college were all given some variation of the same speech along the way: Your connection to these hallowed halls is now permanent, you'll remember these as the best days of your...

Jun 20, 2018

Safety is More Than Security

The Story: Picture this: you're running late for a flight, with an important presentation coming up later that day. The security line is long. TSA representatives loudly, slowly repeat the same reminders: no liquids in bags, remove all electronics, take...

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